Pre-Orientation Information

We are looking forward to welcoming you to St. John’s University School of Law and hope that you have been enjoying your summer.

This page is the official source of information for St. John’s Law’s New Student Orientation, the first step in your professional development as a member of the legal profession.

All students are required to attend the orientation sessions pertaining to their respective programs.

**Check back often for updates.**

Click on Materials for your Orientation schedule and more important information


2021 1L Orientation Schedule (PDF)

Academic Calendar

Health Insurance

Code of Student Professional Responsibility (PDF)

Disability Services information

Preferred Name Policy

Canvas “All your courses can be found here”

Parking Information (Link to apply for Parking Pass will be available on August 2nd in UIS)

Things To Do Before Orientation
  1. Submit your official transcript denoting the undergraduate degree awarded to our Admissions Office.
  2. Complete all required immunization paperwork. (This must be completed by August 1.)
  3. Avoid the lines and get your stormcard.
Instructions To View Required Books

To see what books you need, you will need to access your full schedule on UIS.
1. Log in to UIS.
2. Select the Student tab, then select Registration.
3. Click on each class to see what materials are required.

**Check back often for updates.**