1L Summer Reading Book Discussion: RSVP

You’re invited to join your fellow first-year law students for a book discussion of the New York Times bestseller Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption. Written by lawyer and activist Bryan Stevenson, it chronicles his work on behalf of capital defendants and death row prisoners in the south. It also follows his efforts, as executive director of the Equal Justice Initiative, to call out and remedy injustice in America’s criminal legal system.

Discussions will be hosted online by a St. John’s Law faculty member. Group size will be capped so RSVP early if you prefer a certain date. RSVP here!

How to Access Your Sign-on Account & SJU Email

The University uses a sign-on system that provides enhanced security and gives you the ability to reset your password. Please use signon.stjohns.edu to access your St. John’s University email, St. John’s Connect, Canvas, the Health Office online patient portal, and more.

When using signon.stjohns.edu for the first time, you will need to complete a one-time action to set up the enhanced security features. Like banks and other financial institutions, we will rely on something you know (your password) and something that you have (your phone) to verify your identity periodically. This approach is also known as two-factor authentication. You will need to select a secondary authentication method. The system can send a text message to your phone, interface with a free app that you can install on your phone, or call your phone.

Your user ID will be your St. John’s University email and your password information is below.

Username:   Firstname.LastName##@my.stjohns.edu (Ex. John.Doe21@my.stjohns.edu) ##represents the 2-digit year of entry into St. John’s University.
Password   Capital S, lowercase j, Storm Card ID number (Ex. Sj99999999). If you don’t have your Storm Card ID yet, it was emailed to you on 6/10/2021. You can also call 718-990-6474 during business hours.

This is the same password you would use to login to on-campus wireless or to a computer on campus such as in a classroom or computer lab.

You will also be able to reset and change your current password through this new security service. Please note that these credentials are different than what you currently use to log in to UIS. Please bookmark signon.stjohns.edu and use it going forward.

All St. John’s University students are assigned a St. John’s email account and after you matriculate in mid-August, all official correspondence from the University and the Law School will go to this email address.  Please note until you matriculate, we will continue to contact you at your personal email address, so you should plan on checking it daily. 

You will need to activate your Signon account and your St. John’s email at this time.  Detailed instructions can be found at www.stjohns.edu/IT.

If you have any questions or need assistance you can call the Information Technology Service Desk at 718-990-5000 (x5000).

Thank you.

P.S. IT FAQs such as hardware and printing questions are posted here in 1L Welcome Center under the “IT FAQs” tab.